• ATMOS S 351 OT

    The whisper-quiet,
    intelligent surgical
    suction device for
    high demands


Top-class surgical suction device

Critical operations in particular place extremely high demands on the concentration of the surgical team and on the reliability of the products in the operating room. All distracting noise must be avoided so that the team can focus on what is most important. In addition, sensitive tissues need to be handled with utmost care. In such situations, it is essential that the team is able to control the vacuum. The ATMOS S 351 OT intelligent surgical suction device offers a number of impressive features: an automatic standby mode, a tissue protection function, an intermittent suction function, and many safety functions.

ATMOS S 351 OT, surgical suction device


  • Hospital / clinic
  • Neurology
  • General medicine
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Operating room / anesthesiology
  • Practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Outpatient surgery center

Automatic vacuum limiting feature

Once the selected final vacuum has been reached, the pump switches off automatically and the vacuum level is maintained. If vacuum is needed again, the pump of the ATMOS S 351 OT turns on again by itself. The user can focus on the operation and thus on the patient.

AUTO mode

When AUTO mode is selected, the ATMOS S 351 OT recognises the need for suction automatically. During an operation, the suction hose with its suction attachment can remain in the surgical site and the device stops automatically when no fluids have been suctioned for an extended period. As soon as fluid is present in the surgical site, the ATMOS S 351 OT automatically begins building up the selected vacuum and suctioning occurs without delay.

The long service life of the device and its minimal noise level are beneficial to users.

Intermittent function

The ATMOS S 351 OT offers a particularly convenient intermittent function, as its four phases can be set individually — optimal for gastric drainage. The intermittent function can also be used as fine suction to provide special protection to sensitive tissue.

Tissue protection function for preventing tissue damage

The ATMOS S 351 OT prevents cannulas from adhering and causing damage to sensitive tissue. Once a pre-set maximum vacuum value has been reached, a valve opens and the suction system “lets go”.

Automatic fill-level detection

Electronic fill-level monitoring system with automatic switch-off for the reusable canister system.

Greater operational safety

Preselectable vacuum units (mbar, mmHg, or kPa), fast and constant suction capacity even at lower vacuum values, a colour display with all relevant information, acoustic and visual warning messages as well as the hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter with filter change indicator ensure maximum safety and extremely easy handling at the same time.

Technical Data


Art. Nr. 444.0405.0, 444.0460.0, 444.0470.0, 444.0462.0, 444.0462.1, 444.0462.2, 444.0462.3, 444.0476.0
Suction capacity

36 l/min

Max. vacuum

–90 kPa
–900 mbar

Vacuum control range

0 up to –900 mbar

Operating mode

Continuous operation


230 V, 50/60 Hz

Special voltage

100 V, 60 Hz
115 V, 60 Hz
127 V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D)

300 x 330 x 200 mm (without trolley)
840 x 490 x 520 mm (with trolley)


10.2 kg (without trolley)
24.7 kg (with trolley)

Noise level

< 54 dB(A)


What indications can the ATMOS 351 OT be used for?

The ATMOS S 351 OT can be used for surgical interventions (e.g. aspiration of wound pockets, abscesses), in endoscopy for aspiration of secretion or rinsing fluids, in cardiological procedures, in ophthalmology as well as in gastroenterology for intermittent suction.

Can the ATMOS S 351 OT be used with a foot controller?

Yes, the user can adjust the vacuum via a foot controller. It is connected directly to the suction device.

What do the colours on the display mean?

The colours indicate the device’s current status:

  • Blue: vacuum is being generated or released. That means that the final vacuum has not been achieved yet.
  • Green: the final vacuum has been achieved.
  • Red: warning message or final vacuum cannot be generated (e.g. due to leakage).
What does “intermittent mode” mean?

The ATMOS S 351 OT offers you the choice between continuous and intermittent mode. In contrast to the continuous mode, which operates with a negative pressure that remains the same, the intermittent mode allows for therapy with alternating vacuum intervals.

The intermittent mode is divided into four phases:

  • Increase time
  • Vacuum hold
  • Decrease time
  • Stop
How does the electronic fill-level monitoring system work?

The ATMOS S 351 OT has an electronic fill-level monitoring system that switches off the pump when the maximum fill level in the secretion canister is reached. At the same time, the device beeps and Secretion canister full appears in the display. The maximum fill level is reached when the liquid comes into contact with the sensor in the secretion canister lid.

What is meant by AUTO mode?

When AUTO mode is activated, the ATMOS S 351 OT switches off in phases when it is not being used (open suction hose) after approximately 20 seconds. As soon as the suction hose is held in the suction material, the pump turns on again and the full suction capacity is available. This avoids unnecessary noise.

What settings can the user select in the user menu?

The following settings can be made directly by the user in the user menu:

  • Language (German, English, French, Spanish, Russian)
  • Vacuum unit (kPa, mmHg, mbar)
  • Intermittent mode parameters (final vacuum, increase time, decrease time, vacuum hold, stop)
  • Display brightness
  • Date and time
  • Vacuum steps


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The ATMOS S 351 OT can be secured to a trolley for mobile use.

ATMOS offers a large product range of matching secretion canisters in various sizes and different materials.

A hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter prevents the suction device from becoming contaminated and protects it against bacteria and viruses.


Disposable canister systems


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