Examination and
    treatment chair
    for gynecology


New standards in design, functionality, and comfort

SERENITY NEXT makes your work easier with its first-class functionality and enables individual treatment at the highest level. The elegant design and the high level of comfort ensure a pleasant atmosphere that makes your patients feel they are in good hands.
SERENITY NEXT is available in the versions Chair Professional, Chair Comfort, and Chair Basic.

Gelber Behandlungsstuhl beim Gynäkologen mit integriertem Mikroskop und Arzthocker


  • Gynecology
  • Gynecology practice


Four external wheels with individual brakes allow full chair mobility. Short-range movements, for example during cleaning work, can therefore be carried out with ease.

Seat heating

The seat cushions of the SERENITY NEXT can be electrically heated to enhance the patient’s comfort. You have the choice between three temperature levels that are activated via hand control.

Integrated leg rest

By extracting the integrated leg rest, SERENITY NEXT is temporarily converted into an examination table. This function is ideally suited for abdominal ultrasound examinations. In addition, the patient can be quickly put into the shock position in emergencies.

Rotatable handles

The side handles give the patient support during the examination and can be rotated downwards for access from the side.


  • Adjustable footrests
    The footrests can be lifted and lowered and other adjustments can be made by manually loosening the levers.
  • Motorized footrests
    The footrests are lifted and lowered by electric motor via hand control. Further adjustment options can be made by manually loosening the levers.
  • Göpel leg holders
    Manually adjustable leg holders for supporting the lower legs. The leg holders can be lifted and lowered and other adjustments can be made by loosening the levers.

Technical Data


Seat height

600 mm (Min.)
920 mm (Max.)

Max. lifting capacity

250 kg

Backrest inclination

−0 up to +65°


150 kg


Can SERENITY NEXT also be used for urological examinations?

Yes. Thanks to the urology basin with valve, the chair is also suitable for urological examinations. For this purpose, the containment basin can also be connected to a drainage system.

Can the memory functions be changed?

Yes, the memory positions can be adjusted to suit the examiner’s needs. There are three user profiles with three programmable positions each. After selecting the user profile and tilting the chair to the desired position, this position can be saved and recalled anytime thereafter.

Are the cushions glued or fastened with staples?

The synthetic leather covers are fastened with staples and also glued by means of a vacuum PUR foaming process. This is how the extreme robustness of the surface is achieved — a seamless design for hygienic reasons.


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