• ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option

    2-in-1 universal device
    for differentiated
    drainage therapy

ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option

Two forms of therapy.

With one device.

The evaluation of numerous clinical studies by the ERAS® Society and the ESTS has shown that the healing process in patients with, for example, bullous emphysema, a persistent fistula, massive pleural effusions, or an incompletely expanded lung can be shortened by up to two days if external permanent suction is avoided during drainage therapy. In line with the motto Less is more, the ERAS® Society in its current guidelines recommends avoiding permanent suction and supplementing the patient’s treatment with conventional forms such as gravity drainage.  

The ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option provides doctors and nursing staff with an efficient system that enables them to treat patients using gravity drainage in addition to suction-assisted drainage — with a single device.


  • Hospital / clinic
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Emergency medicine
  • Intensive care unit
  • Operating room / anesthesiology
  • Pneumology
  • Normal ward
  • In-hospital transport
  • In-hospital emergencies

Gravity drainage

The ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option drains air, secretion, or blood from the chest cavity by means of an external suction source or gravity drainage. During gravity drainage, the water lock in the secretion canister acts as a non-return valve with low resistance by draining air from the thorax via a riser immersed in sterile water. At the same time, however, air is prevented from flowing back into the patient’s chest cavity during breathing. The water lock is filled up to the mark in just a few seconds.

Safe decisions

To make clinical decisions, doctors and medical assistants need objective therapy data. The ATMOS S 201 Thorax provides them with this information at a glance. Target vacuum, actual vacuum, air leak: therapy-relevant information is clearly shown on the main display — including a trend display over the last 24 hours or the last 12 days. Doctors can thus assess the clinical situation more quickly during their daily rounds and immediately initiate the next therapeutic steps. This enables quick diagnoses and precise instructions, and it has been proven to ensure greater efficiency and safety in the treatment of cardiothoracic patients.

Reliable drainage monitoring

With the ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option, air leaks become visible via bubbles in the water lock. During cardiothoracic drainage, this is an easy way for doctors and nursing staff to monitor the outflow of fluid or air when applying gravity drainage.

Automatic weaning mode

The ATMOS S 201 Thorax impresses with its integrated “automatic weaning mode” — without any additional effort for nursing staff. During therapy, the device monitors the target vacuum set by the user and, thanks to its innovative control system, adapts the activity of the pump to the patient’s needs.

Optimum implementation of the current ERAS® Society Guidelines

With the prospect of shortening the healing process of cardiothoracic patients with bullous emphysema, a persistent fistula, or an incompletely expanded lung by up to two days, the ERAS® Society recommends working with both conventional and suction-assisted methods, depending on the patient and healing progress. The ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option combines both methods in just one device.



    The versatile and powerful ATMOS S 201 Thorax has everything doctors and nursing staff desire from a digital drainage system for cardiac and thoracic surgery: it is ready for use quickly, enables needs-oriented suction adjustment, ensures reliable drainage processes, and also provides objective therapy data in real time.

    The all-rounder for every patient indication: ATMOS S 201 Thorax

Technical Data

ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option

Suction capacity

18 ± 2 l/min

Vacuum control range

−5 up to −100 mbar,
in steps of 1 mbar


100–240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D)

365 x 250 x 168 mm


3.0 kg (without secretion canister)
3.7 kg (with secretion canister)

Noise level

max. 31 dB(A)

Battery type


Battery operation

max. 12 h

Battery charging time

2.5 h


wearable with shoulder strap

Data management

PDF and Excel report via USB flash drive

Secretion canister

4 chambers
Size: 2000 ml


How can I change the therapy from active drainage to gravity drainage?

You as the user decide on the form of therapy with just one click. Once the device is switched on, you are using active drainage with suction. After switching off the device (provided the water lock is filled with 50 ml of sterile water), you can use the ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option for gravity drainage.

How do I fill the water lock in the secretion canister?

The water lock is on the right side of the secretion canister. It contains a bacterial and viral filter as well as a riser. The water lock is filled with water through the riser. To fill the water lock, you will need a sterile cannula 20 G, a sterile syringe, and 50 ml sterile water. Use the cannula to puncture the silicone seal above the riser and then fill the water lock.

Can I use my ATMOS S 201 Thorax without the hybrid option for gravity drainage?

No, you cannot use your current ATMOS S 201 Thorax for gravity drainage. The secretion canister can be used with a filled water lock for short-term gravity drainage, for example for MRI examinations. The secretion canister must then be removed from the device and placed below the patient’s chest.

How do I recognise the ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option?

You can recognise the ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option based on three markings: the “Hybrid” label, the additional type plate on the back of the device, and an instruction plate for filling the water lock.

What do I have to take into account when placing the ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option somewhere?

For temporary gravity drainage, place the device (switched off) with the installed secretion canister and its filled water lock below the patient’s chest in an upright position.

As a user, what do I have to consider when using the ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option when it is switched off (i.e. during gravity drainage)?

When the device is switched off, it does not record any therapy data. Passive drainage is to be checked by trained medical staff. The device cannot detect any error conditions and thus cannot display any warning messages when it is switched off.

Is there any difference between the ATMOS S 201 Thorax and the ATMOS S 201 Thorax with hybrid option during active drainage?

No, besides the set target vacuum, the display also shows the actual vacuum, which is measured at the patient’s end of the hose. In addition, the patient’s air leak is shown objectively as flow in ml/min or in l/min for one litre or more. The bubbles in traffic light colours also illustrate the size of the air leak. In key lock mode, the flow for at least one hour is also shown by means of bubbles in traffic light colours. If the average flow is below
450 ml/min for one hour, the flow is no longer displayed in bubbles but in a trend display of the last 24 hours.

Is it possible to have my existing ATMOS S 201 Thorax converted so that I can use the hybrid option?

Yes, please get in touch with your ATMOS contact person. Conversion of existing devices is possible through ATMOS Service.


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Secretion canister 2000 ml


Hose system


Universal bracket


Carrying strap


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