• ATMOS Audio Cube 31

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ATMOS Audio Cube 31

The central instrument in ENT diagnostics

The ATMOS Audio Cube 31 is a high-quality, computer-assisted, two-channel tone and speech audiometer. It can produce a tone audiogram by means of air and bone conduction and also determine the perception of complex acoustic information by means of speech audiometry. From the combination of sound and speech audiometry, the doctor knows in which frequency ranges the patient has hearing problems and what therapeutic approaches are involved as a consequence.

Tone and speech audiometer


  • ENT outpatient department
  • ENT diagnostics room
  • ENT practice
  • Doctor's practice

High-tone audiometry

High frequency up to 16 kHz


Windows-typical operation using a keyboard, mouse, or touch screen.

Communication with the patient

The software features an intercom function.

Speech tests

Speech tests can either be implemented in the software or played back as free text from the hard drive. 

ATMOS 360° diagnostics

ATMOS 360° diagnostics is an expandable modular system comprising interconnecting modules and devices as well as the corresponding operating software. Our solution covers the areas of diagnostics, visualization, and patient management and can be easily integrated into existing structures — for a fast, reliable, and efficient ENT diagnosis.

Technical Data

ATMOS Audio Cube 31

Art. Nr. 512.2100.0
Power consumption

30 W

Noise level

max. 120 dB(A)

Frequency range

125–8000 Hz

Sound level

120 dB


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Technical Documentation
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