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Great individuality and flexible application options

Click-stop flowmeters are extremely compact and robust, and operate regardless of their position. The MEDAP LS FLOW click-stop flowmeters are particularly lightweight thanks to the use of anodised aluminium. The 13 setting levels provide maximum individuality. Flow rates of 0–15 l/min, 0–5 l/min, and 0–1 l/min ensure optimal aerosol therapy for adults, children, and newborns. Thanks to the materials used, they also meet the requirements for use in MR environments. They are MR-conditional up to 4.7 teslas.

Twin Flowmeter MEDAP LS FLOW


  • Hospital / clinic
  • Outpatient surgery center

Individual flow settings

By simply turning the handwheel, the flowmeters can be set quickly and precisely and require no further monitoring. The 13 setting levels meet all individual needs.

Wide range of versions

For adults, children and newborns, versions with flow rates of 0–15 l/min, 0–5 l/min, and 0–1 l/min are available. The MEDAP LS FLOW is available in versions for oxygen and compressed air and as a single or twin flowmeter, according to your individual needs. 

Position-independent function capability

The MEDAP LS FLOW click-stop flowmeters function regardless of their position, even in an inclined or lying position, such as is the case with media bridges in the operating room, during in-hospital transport, and in an ambulance.

Extremely high accuracy

An integrated pressure regulator allows the MEDAP LS FLOW flowmeters to achieve a much higher accuracy than required by the standard, even with a fluctuating supply pressure in the range of 3 to 5.5 bar.


Thanks to their special technology, the MEDAP LS FLOW flowmeters fulfil the requirements for use in MR environments. All MEDAP LS FLOW flowmeters are MR-conditional up to 4.7 teslas.


ATMOS offers the MEDAP LS FLOW click-stop flowmeters with flow rates of 0–15 l/min, 0–5 l/min, and 0–1 l/min as single and twin flowmeters for oxygen and compressed air in a variety of connection forms. 



O2 single


O2 twin


AIR single


AIR twin

Wall and equipment rail connections

Numerous connection versions are available for international use.












Equipment rail

Technical Data


Art. Nr. HM57524917; HM57524916; HM57524921; HM57525161; HM57525162; HM57525301; HM57525708; HM57525705; HM57525704; HM57525304; HM57525305; HM57525306; HM57525307; HM57525706; HM57524919; HM57525183; HM57525302; HM57525702; HM57525450; HM57525235; HM57525240; HM57525303; HM57525709; HM57525703; HM57525607; HM57525608
Gas type


Nominal flow

0–15 l/min
0–5 l/min
0–1 l/min


± 10% or ± 0.05 l/min, whatever is larger

Connection to CGS / gas pin


Nominal pressure, gas supply

300–550 kPa

MR safety

up to 4.7 teslas

Dimensions (H x W x D)

Single: 56–100 x 35–40 x 95–120 mm
Twin: 56–100 x 125 x 100–140 mm


Single: 180–320 g
Twin: 512–690 g

Flow limitation

15 ± 1.5 l/min
5 ± 0.5 l/min
1 ± 0.1 l/min

Connection thread

UNF 9/16''


Pressure-compensated flowmeters are usually very sensitive to fluctuating supply pressures from the central gas supply system. Why can the MEDAP LS FLOW flowmeters be used for supply pressures between 3 and 5.5 bar?

The MEDAP LS FLOW flowmeters have an integrated pressure regulator which reduces pressures between 3 and 5.5 bar to a constant supply pressure. This complex technology results in a significantly higher accuracy of the MEDAP LS FLOW flowmeters than required by the standard.

What are the advantages of a click-stop flowmeter over a tube flowmeter?

Setting a tube flowmeter is very time-consuming. It begins with the question as to which point on the ball (top, middle, bottom) is decisive for setting the flow rate, and continues on to setting the control valve millimetre by millimetre. It is almost impossible to make a setting in the decimal range, especially at low flow rates. With a click-stop flowmeter, the desired flow rate can be set quickly and precisely by simply turning the handwheel.

The second advantage is its position-independent function capability. While the flowmeter ball in a tube flowmeter indicates the flow rate accurately only in an absolutely vertical position, a click-stop flowmeter functions regardless of its position. This feature is important, for example, in the case of media bridges in the operating room or for in-hospital transport. Finally, tube flowmeters have a significantly higher risk of breakage. If they fall on the floor, the flowmeter tube usually breaks. Click-stop flowmeters usually survive a fall undamaged and are therefore more robust.

Do comparable products on the market have the same number of setting levels?

With 13 setting levels, the MEDAP LS FLOW flowmeters have an extremely large number of settings. Comparable products on the market sometimes have only 8 or 9 setting levels. The high number of setting levels allows for the greatest possible individuality. The MEDAP LS FLOW flowmeter version with 0–15 l/min, for example, has three settings below 1 l/min. This feature makes this particular flowmeter ideal for the treatment of children.

What should you pay attention to when changing the flow rate?

With some products on the market, a short burst of oxygen occurs when switching from one flow rate to another; that is, a large amount of oxygen flows to the patient for a very brief moment. Some manufacturers therefore recommend setting the click-stop flowmeter first and only then making the connection to the patient. When switching between two flow rates with the MEDAP LS FLOW flowmeters, a small amount of oxygen flows to the patient (always less than the lower flow rate). This prevents short bursts of oxygen.


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