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ATMOS 360° diagnostics

ENT modules & devices

With ATMOS 360° diagnostics, we present a comprehensive software suite for EMR integration comprising interconnecting modules and devices that can be easily integrated into existing hospital, clinic, or practice structures.

The basic idea behind ATMOS 360° diagnostics is very simple: a single platform that contains everything needed to collect, manage, and share ENT diagnostic findings and enables an optimized and economical workflow. All the modules can be accessed using a single software interface, and the user can get started right away — without any delays, interface incompatibilities, or restrictions.

Complete solution.

ATMOS 360° diagnostics is an expandable modular system comprising interconnecting modules and devices as well as the corresponding operating software. Our solution covers the areas of diagnostics, visualization, and patient management and can be easily integrated into existing structures — for a time-saving, reliable, and efficient ENT diagnosis.

Patient software

One program. 100% diagnostics.

The efficiency of ENT clinics and practices is largely dependent on how easy it is to carry out the various examination procedures. In order to give doctors and specialists a solution that allows them to cover all the necessary medical angles while also remaining cost-effective, ATMOS has come up with a program that brings together all the diagnostic devices and modules in the ATMOS 360° diagnostics range in one place.

Perfect workflow.

ATMOS 360° diagnostics is a comprehensive all-in-one solution that meets the individual requirements of everyone involved in the ENT environment. It contains everything you need to manage and complete your day-to-day tasks efficiently. The result: a flawless, time-saving, and above all else, efficient workflow.

The benefits for practice, clinic, and hospital managers

The benefits for practice, clinic, and hospital managers

Reduce costs.
Across the board.

The modular structure of ATMOS 360° diagnostics allows users to choose from a wide range of diagnostics modules and pick the exact ones they need for their work. The connection fee is charged only once and also covers modules integrated into the system at a later date.

The benefits for IT and system administration

The benefits for IT and system administration

HIS connection.
Complete and simple.

Once installation is complete, IT managers will be able to connect additional modules with a minimum of time and effort. On top of this, the central interface server ATMOS Bridge and its built-in GDT, HL7, and DICOM interfaces guarantee secure exchange of data with the existing information system.

The benefits for doctors and specialists

The benefits for doctors and specialists

Reliable diagnosis. Quick and comprehensive.

ATMOS 360° diagnostics offers ENT specialists a comprehensive product range that enables them to perform all the examinations required for making an ENT diagnosis. Sophisticated product features and intelligent functions speed up control processes and ensure that diagnostics are completed without errors.

The benefits for organization and administration

The benefits for organization and administration

Greater efficiency.
Around the clock.

ATMOS 360° diagnostics makes managing patient data and diagnostic results easier, makes data exchange with the HIS or practice software more secure, and allows better processing of data for further use. This makes processes much faster, noticeably optimizing the workflow.

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