• ATMOS C 451

    The reliable
    surgical suction device
    for high demands


Powerful and quiet

One of the most important requirements when suctioning blood and other fluids is the high suction capacity a device can offer from the moment it is switched on. Its extremely powerful pump makes the ATMOS C 451 a highly versatile surgical suction device, especially for suction applications in operating rooms, surgical intensive care units and normal wards, emergency rooms, oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) as well as medical and dental practices.

ATMOS C 451 Surgical Suction Device


  • Hospital / clinic
  • General medicine
  • Operating room / anesthesiology
  • ENT practice
  • Doctor's practice
  • Dental practice / maxillofacial surgery
  • Practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Outpatient surgery center

Mobile and handy

Depending on hospital, clinic or practice requirements, the surgical suction device can be used in any room. The ATMOS C 451 can be carried simply as a basic device from room to room or pushed on a trolley.

Maximum reliability

  • Fast vacuum build-up and high suction capacity keep the surgical site unobstructed
  • Continuous suction and permanent operability in all situations
  • Runs quiet as a whisper, making work pleasant and allowing you to concentrate on the operation

Easy and intuitive operation

The device is easy to handle thanks to its individually adjustable vacuum, clearly visible vacuum gauge, and the perfect working height for the user.

Practical secretion canister management

The ATMOS Direct Docking System (DDS) allows the secretion canister to be attached directly to the ATMOS C 451. This eliminates the need for any hose connections between the device, the bacterial and viral filter, and the secretion canister. The ATMOS C 451 can also be flexibly equipped with various disposable canister systems.



ATMOS C 451 mobile with DDS secretion canisters


ATMOS C 451 mobile with standard rail


ATMOS C 451 with practice package


ATMOS C 451 portable with standard rail

Technical Data


Art. Nr. 340.0300.0; 340.0376.0; 340.0335.0; 340.0377.0; 340.0334.0; 340.0378.0; 340.0333.0; 340.0339.0; 340.0338.0; 340.0357.0; 340.0358.0; 340.0375.0
Suction capacity

45 l/min

Max. vacuum

–91 kPa
–910 mbar

Vacuum control range

0 up to –910 mbar

Operating mode

Continuous operation


230 V~, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D)

330 x 240 x 360 mm
(without trolley)
1010 x 360 x 440 mm
(with trolley)


6.7 kg
14.3 kg

Noise level

≤ 48 dB(A)

Secretion canister

1500 ml
3000 ml
5000 ml


What indications can the ATMOS C 451 be used for?
The ATMOS C 451 can be used universally. On the one hand, this means that it can be utilised in different departments in a hospital (e.g. in the intensive care unit, in the outpatient department, and in the area of endoscopy), and on the other hand, for example, in outpatient surgery centres or in dental / maxillofacial surgery practices.
Can the ATMOS C 451 be secured to a device rail?
Yes. The ATMOS C 451 can be easily secured to a standard rail by means of a device support.
Can the ATMOS C 451 be used with a foot controller and/or a foot switch?
Yes. The user can adjust the vacuum via a foot controller. In addition, the ATMOS C 451 can be switched on and off using a foot switch. Both accessories are connected directly to the suction device.
What secretion canister systems can I use with the ATMOS C 451?
The ATMOS C 451 can be equipped with the autoclavable DDS secretion canisters (1.5 l; 3 l; 5 l) as well as various disposable canister systems. The DDS secretion canisters are connected directly to the device. A DDS secretion canister with a maximum volume of 3 l can be used with the portable devices. In the case of the ATMOS C 451 mobile, two DDS secretion canisters with a maximum volume of 5 l each can be attached to the DDS docking station. The various disposable canister systems are secured to the standard rail located on the device itself or on the trolley.


Title Date Extension Size Language
Brochures & Flyers
Brochure ATMOS C 451 / ATMOS C 361 22.03.2021 pdf 1.92 MB en, ru, cn
Brochure ATMOS Medical Suction Systems 07.09.2023 pdf 3.58 MB en, ru, cn, hu
Brochure ATMOS Surgical Suction 22.03.2021 pdf 2.92 MB en, ru, cn, hu
Technical Documentation
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Accessories Fixation / Zubehör Befestigungen 07.09.2023 pdf 307.14 KB de, en, fr, cn, es, hu
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Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Accessories Overflow Protection / Zubehör Überlaufschutz 31.08.2022 pdf 188.62 KB de, en, fr, cn, es, hu
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Operating Instructions ATMOS C 451 14.03.2022 pdf 1.10 MB en


The ATMOS C 451 can be secured to a trolley for mobile use.

To fix the ATMOS C 451 to a standard rail securely.

ATMOS offers a large product range of DDS secretion canisters in various sizes. Hose-free, particularly easy coupling of the reusable secretion canister system (consisting of a secretion canister, canister lid including canister handle, and splash protection) to the suction device.

Disposable canister systems can be attached to the ATMOS C 451 without difficulty.

A hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter prevents the suction device from becoming contaminated and protects it against bacteria and viruses.


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