A pioneer from the very beginning

The success story of ATMOS MedizinTechnik goes back to 1888. What began in a small pharmacy in Berlin has evolved over the years into an internationally active manufacturer of medical technology devices and products. This accomplishment is mainly due to the philosophy the company has remained true to from the very beginning:
Together ahead.

The first milestone is achieved

The Kaiser Friedrich Pharmacy is founded at Karlstraße 20a in Berlin (today: Galenus Pharmacy, Reinhardtstraße 5). This pharmacy later becomes the birthplace of many revolutionary ideas in medical technology. It thus constitutes the first milestone in the extraordinary corporate history of the ATMOS MedizinTechnik Group.


A success story begins

The Jewish scientist and pharmacist Dr. Ernst Silten (family name until 1918: Silberstein), born in Königsberg, acquires the Kaiser Friedrich Pharmacy. The pharmacist, however, thinks far beyond just selling medicine. 


The ATMOS oxygen device

At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Ernst Silten develops a pressure and flow control valve for oxygen that is given the name ATMOS. In the following years, a small factory is founded for manufacturing chemical-pharmaceutical preparations as well as pharmaceutical and medical devices.


Exclusive distribution rights from DRÄGER

A general agency agreement stipulates that the Kaiser Friedrich Pharmacy, Oxygen Center, Dr. Ernst Silberstein (Silten), may sell the medical equipment from the company Drägerwerk, Heinr. u. Bernh. Dräger in Lübeck exclusively from now on.


The core competency is born

The first so-called “suction pressure and hot air device for medical and especially dental purposes” is patented: the core competency of ATMOS is born.


The idea catches on

Under the management of Paul Fritzsching, the pharmaceutical manufacturer Boehringer & Söhne, Mannheim, becomes co-owner of the pharmacy with 33.3 percent. The pharmacy continues to advance its medical research and development. Soon afterward, the factory moves to Mannheim-Waldhof, the headquarters of Boehringer & Söhne, and remains there for a few years.


Relocation to the Breisgau region

The company moves its headquarters to Freiburg im Breisgau (Rosastraße bordering Colombipark), where from 1941 onward it manufactures medical devices under the name “ATMOS Gesellschaft Fritzsching & Co.”


ATMOS moves to Lenzkirch

After an air raid in Freiburg, during which large parts of the factory are destroyed, the company moves to Lenzkirch. Beginning in 1946, the company is called “ATMOS Fritzsching & Co. GmbH Abteilung Medizinischer Apparatebau” (ATMOS Fritzsching & Co. GmbH Department of Medical Device Manufacturing).


More products emerge

The next pioneering product comes on the market:
the surgical suction device Record I.


The founding of Testoterm KG

ATMOS founds Testoterm KG (later called testo AG) for developing its electronic fever thermometers. In the meantime, Paul Fritzsching and his daughter Helen now own two-thirds of the shares in ATMOS.


ATMOS moves to Ludwig-Kegel-Straße

ATMOS moves into the new company building on Ludwig-Kegel-Straße in Lenzkirch, where it still has its headquarters today. ATMOS products establish themselves on the medical technology market at home and abroad.


ATMOS revolutionizes the ENT market

ATMOS launches the Servant 1 — one of the first ENT units — and sets new standards in ENT examination and diagnostics. Designed for ENT doctors, it is a complete treatment unit containing numerous functions.


ATMOS sets new standards

For the first time, the company has more than 100 employees who manufacture medical equipment.


Reorganization of the corporate structure

Up to this time, ATMOS Medizintechnik in Lenzkirch has been a branch of ATMOS Pharma in Viernheim. ATMOS Medizintechnik now becomes an independent company: ATMOS Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG.


ATMOS continues to expand

ATMOS France is founded as the first foreign subsidiary; ATMOS Italy follows. The export business now reaches 35 percent.


A major fire destroys almost everything

In January 1989, large parts of the production hall and warehouse are destroyed by fire. The employees save any usable material and machines that are still intact. After only a few days, production resumes inside several containers.


A new era begins

The new CEO, Peter Greiser, acquires 25 percent of the shares in ATMOS. Under his leadership, ATMOS becomes a global player: it founds ATMOS Spain and ATMOS Switzerland in 2001; ATMOS Asia in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia joins them one year later. ATMOS USA and ATMOS Russia follow in the coming years.


ATMOS sets new standards in cardiothoracic drainage

In 2003, the company launches the world’s first electronically controlled, mobile pleural drainage suction device: ATMOS S 031.



Breakthrough on the gynecology market

ATMOS enters the gynecology market and launches the newly developed gynecological treatment unit for the diagnosis and therapy of cervical cancer.



Change at the top

The Greiser family acquires 100 percent of the ATMOS Group. In 2006, the sales companies in England and Hungary become subsidiaries. That same year, ATMOS founds a representative office in China. ATMOS Turkey makes its start one year later. In 2008, ATMOS celebrates its 120th company anniversary. 



The management team expands

ATMOS enters a new era with an expanded management team and a new organizational structure. Peter and Gerlinde Greiser are now joined at the helm by both sons, Maik and Frank Greiser, as CEOs.



AGH Diagnostics

Starting in 2010, AGH Diagnostics GmbH operates at the Hamburg location as a center of excellence for ENT diagnostics and develops software solutions on-site for ATMOS products in the fields of ENT and gynecology.


ATMOS i View

In collaboration with opticians from Wetzlar, ATMOS develops a microscope for ENT specialists that sets new standards in terms of usability and image quality. The potential of the new ATMOS i View is recognized quickly. Even complex and sometimes risky applications can be carried out safely thanks to its light intensity, depth of field, and intuitive handling. The new development can even be used in the operating room.


More subsidiaries are founded

Maik and Frank Greiser become shareholders of the company. It founds ATMOS India under their leadership, and ATMOS China becomes a 100-percent subsidiary after three years of preliminary work. ATMOS Hong Kong is established in 2013.


“I did it my way”

In December 2015, Peter Greiser retired and handed over the helm to his sons Maik and Frank. From then on, they were to steer the affairs of ATMOS together with their mother, Gerlinde, as CEOs.


Dawn of the digital age

With the Diagnostic World (later ATMOS 360° diagnostics), ATMOS launches for the first time a modularly expandable, comprehensive solution consisting of interconnecting modules, devices, and EMR integration software. This solution covers the areas of diagnostics, visualization, and patient management and can be easily integrated into existing hospital, clinic, and practice structures — for a fast, reliable, and efficient ENT diagnosis.


ATMOS acquires MEDAP

ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG acquires the MEDAP product line from MAQUET GmbH & Co. KG. By doing so, ATMOS expands its product line in the areas of medical suction systems and mobile oxygen supply.


FEES swallowing diagnostics moves into focus

The number of patients affected by dysphagia as a result of so-called age-related diseases will increase due to demographic developments. ATMOS responds to these growing challenges in the field of swallowing diagnostics and presents a turn-key solution for the dysphagia market: ATMOS FEES Portable. This integrated system solution includes a flexible endoscope and comprehensive software that enables simple and direct documentation of findings — all packed in one case for mobile use.


The step to becoming a full-service provider: ATMOS Interieur

The ATMOS Group acquires the kitchen manufacturer Ströhla in Lenzkirch from Peter Weißbarth. The company receives a new name: ATMOS Interieur. It continues to produce not only furniture for the home, but also — and above all — high-quality medical cabinets and work spaces that meet the new infection control requirements. ATMOS thereby becomes a full-service provider that equips practices, clinics, and hospitals with medical technology devices and products as well as furniture. The new constellation in the company group is a unique selling point on the market.


ATMOS acquires the “mein Tourniquet” product line from ulrich GmbH & Co. KG

ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG expands its product portfolio to include the segment of tourniquets and will manufacture and distribute the ulrich medical tourniquet products in the future. The product line includes tourniquets, reusable cuffs, sterile disposable cuffs, and other accessories.


A new addition to ATMOS Greiser Holding GmbH

The group expands its portfolio with its investment in Rehder/Partner GmbH. The investment opens up new opportunities for both companies and strengthens their global positioning in the dysphagia market. Together, they are relying on synergistic effects to transform the already excellent product portfolios into an even better solution for users and patients — true to the motto “Together ahead. Since 1888.”


A business merger for the benefit of dysphagia patients

AGH Diagnostics GmbH merges with Rehder/Partner GmbH to leverage further synergies in innovation and sales. Both companies now operate under one roof from the Hamburg location. The two companies of the ATMOS Group pool their strengths and core competencies to strive for excellent solutions for users and patients.


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