Our employer brand WE MAKE IT COME TRUE.

We have always known who we are and what we are capable of. While creating our employer brand, we found a fitting and catchy slogan that describes it.

For the development of our future employer brand, we defined the important brand values and linked them to certain expectations. The focus was to be put on our “WE feeling.” By that we mean a sense of togetherness that strengthens each individual in his or her work as well as us together as a team, providing a noticeable added value for our customers.

Die WAHRMACHER Säule ist ein beliebter Treffpunkt bei ATMOS geworden

What does MAKE IT COME TRUE mean?

People who MAKE IT COME TRUE get involved and contribute their talents actively, courageously, and conscientiously. They think and act in the interests of ATMOS. People who MAKE IT COME TRUE are open-minded and diverse, and they feel like family. They stand up for one another, and they win and lose together. The expression and meaning behind MAKE IT COME TRUE embody the values that our employees associate with ATMOS and represent our corporate mission.

We strive to provide healthcare professionals with solutions that enable them to make more accurate diagnoses and thus increase the success of their treatments — in the doctor’s office next door or in the hospital on the other side of the world.

— Our mission —

MAKE IT COME TRUE across borders.

Stories of how people MAKE IT COME TRUE happen at ATMOS all over the world. In this section, four ATMOSians tell their own personal stories that provide impressive proof of our values and our culture. They also show that ATMOS encourages everyone to bring their passion and apply their skills to what they do.


My way back to ATMOS.

I let you in on my thoughts and reveal why I decided to return to ATMOS.

— Christine Dennig, Sales Manager International —

During my co-op education program, I had the opportunity to get to know the different business areas at ATMOS. The months I spent working for the subsidiaries in the UK and the USA were particularly rewarding. After completing my degree, I worked for the subsidiary in the UK for another year and then returned to work in international sales at the company headquarters in Lenzkirch.

I gained a lot of interesting work experience at ATMOS and have always appreciated the fact that the company continuously supported me in my further development. In 2015, however, I decided to leave and try something new. I moved from Lenzkirch, my hometown, to Munich. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I often spent time working from home in Lenzkirch. During that period, I thought about what I wanted for the future, also from a professional point of view. I was in constant contact with ATMOS during this time and followed the company’s positive developments since I had left. I never had the feeling that ATMOS’s doors would be closed to me forever.

In 2022, I returned to ATMOS with a positive feeling and a clear goal in mind to further promote international sales. What moved me most to take this step was that I had always felt happy working at ATMOS and now had the opportunity to drive the future of medical technology together with the entire ATMOS team. The enthusiasm for work, the creativity of the employees, and the courage to break new ground are what ATMOS stands for. I’m glad to belong to this group of people who MAKE IT COME TRUE.


The Black Forest and ATMOS are my destiny.

I explain why I left my home country, Portugal, to seek my fortune in the Black Forest and what roles the German TV series 'Schwarzwaldklinik' and ATMOS played in making that decision.

— Maria Helena De Sa Fraga, Assembly Electrician —

As a young woman, I suffered severely from asthma and bronchitis. I grew up in Portugal. There was practically no medical help for my illness there back then. I had to live with my symptoms, and I gradually felt worse and worse. Shortly after my son was born, the German TV series 'Schwarzwaldklinik' caught my attention, which was also broadcast in Portugal. I loved watching it. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenery of the Black Forest, and what I liked most was that there was usually a happy ending. It seemed as if all patients’ illnesses were cured. Over time, I felt a great longing to travel to the Black Forest to get well.

Back then, a friend’s sister was living in Lenzkirch. I asked my friend if her sister could take me in for a couple of days, and her sister said yes. So, I plucked up all my courage and traveled to a foreign country all by myself — without my son, family, friends, and without any knowledge of the language. I still remember how cold it was when I first arrived in Lenzkirch in May 1990. I had only brought summer clothes with me. But the cold air did me good, and I soon felt much better. A few days of visiting turned into even more days. My friend’s sister not only took me in, but she also got me a job.

I started working as a chambermaid at the Lenzkircher Hof hotel and also had a room there. I liked the food, and everybody was very friendly to me. My health improved immensely, and I felt much better than I did in Portgual. I decided to stay in Lenzkirch, but my first priority was to get my son here. It was no easy feat to coordinate everything with my work schedule at the hotel, but I was determined to make it work! One day, I heard that ATMOS was looking for cleaning staff. My German wasn’t very good then, so when I went to the interview, I took along a Portuguese woman who had been living in Lenzkirch for many years. After the interview, the HR manager asked me why the other woman had accompanied me. He thought my German was much better than hers.

In June 1994, I started working as a member of the cleaning staff at ATMOS. My co-worker showed me what to do, and she was like a mother to me. I felt happy at ATMOS right from the start, and I really enjoyed doing my job. A few years later, cleaning was taken over by an external provider, and ATMOS made me a new job offer. Even back then, I experienced ATMOS as an employer that supports its employees, especially women. Production and assembly were, at that time, a working environment strongly dominated by men. And it was precisely there in the assembly that I started my new job. I remember that in the beginning, I held the hammer at the wrong end. Instead of holding the handle, I held the head of the hammer. I have to smile when I think about it today. My co-workers gave me a warm welcome anyway. It was a great time!

I later trained as an electrician, and now I’m capable of taking on even more assembly tasks. For me, lifelong learning goes without saying. I’ve been with ATMOS for almost 30 years, and I still feel very happy here. I simply enjoy my job and have fun working here. That means more to me than just earning money.

Today, when I look back on my life, I think it can’t be just a coincidence: I came to Lenzkirch as a person with a lung disease, recovered, and in the end got a job assembling products for treating lung disorders in a company for medical technology. Well, if that’s not destiny!




Celebrating success together.

I work for ATMOS in the Middle East. I feel connected to the ATMOS family and greatly appreciate that I have the freedom to express my entrepreneurial side freely and that successes are celebrated together.

— Alaa Hamdan, Regional Manager Middle East —

When I joined ATMOS, I already had more than 15 years of sales experience in the medtech industry and especially in the ENT sector. I was attracted by the challenge to develop the business in the region in a sustainable way and to strengthen the relationships with partners and customers.
My sales territory in the Middle East includes over 20 countries with a wide variety of cultures. No easy task! I spend half my time traveling. I have learned to know and respect the different cultures. My interpersonal skills help me maintain and strengthen regional and international relationships and connections with business partners. But that’s only half the story: our excellent product and solution portfolio as well as the great support of our management and partners enable my team and me to provide outstanding services to our customers and business partners. Together, we can turn challenges into opportunities. The most rewarding moments are when we all meet from all over the world at the annual Christmas and summer parties and celebrate together.

During the years when the whole world was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we remained closely networked and prioritized our personal safety and that of our families, which I appreciate very much. We are a family business! For a sales manager like me, making customers happy and winning a big deal is the best feeling. We all celebrate that together. For me, it all fits together here at ATMOS. Here I can act as an entrepreneur with passion and impact. This is where I can make my dream come true of building up the business in the region permanently and with a high level of sustainability.



Culture for making dreams come true.

I confirm that ATMOS has a culture that enables me to make dreams come true.

— James Ren, General Manager ATMOS China —

I have been in contact with ATMOS since 2008. In 2015, Peter Greiser cordially invited me to become part of the ATMOS family. Since then, I have been responsible as General Manager for ATMOS China. The excellent product portfolio, the investment in research and development, and the high German quality standards have made ATMOS an established brand on the Chinese market. It’s important to note here that the medical technology sector in China is still a developing market. What impresses me personally are the family atmosphere and the corporate culture.

In the first few years, we focused on recruiting experienced employees with drive and passion. That was a lot of hard work. Today, I’m pleased to say we have established a team of 20 dedicated staff members in the six strategically important regions of China. The people who are committed to ATMOS are also the cornerstone of our joint success here. We invest a great deal in marketing to max out the potential of our products, and it pays off. Today, rising sales figures are the reward for our commitment.

My years at ATMOS have made me realize that every success is preceded by many challenges and even failures. I firmly believe that there are more solutions than problems and that action is better than waiting. Here at ATMOS is the best place to act with this mindset. With our team’s commitment and the strong support from headquarters, we can take on challenges and overcome them successfully. The Greiser family’s commitment, diligence, and modesty are extremely valuable. That encourages me to give my all, too, and to contribute to the ATMOS family for a long time to come. Above all, Maik Greiser’s incomparable passion and trust inspire me. Knowing he stands behind me, I can focus on the further growth and positive development of ATMOS China every day.

I am very proud to be part of the ATMOS family, and I am still deeply grateful to Peter Greiser for taking me on board back then. The trust they put in me as a person, the company-wide support, and the solidarity give me a sense of security and confidence. I would like to invite everyone who wants to make a professional contribution with their expertise, diligence, and brainpower to be part of the ATMOS family. Here at ATMOS, we make it possible for people to develop successfully and give them the space to realize their own dreams.


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