• ATMOS Chair Professional

    The central element
    in the ENT
    examination room

ATMOS Chair Professional

The combination of design, technology, and comfort 

The focus of every ENT examination is the patient: make sure your patients feel safe and comfortable. A modern design and a great feel thanks to the soft and extremely durable upholstery material are the new standard for all ATMOS chairs.

Treatment chair brown


  • ENT outpatient department
  • ENT diagnostics room
  • ENT examination room
  • ENT practice

360° rotation

The top section of the chair can be rotated 360° and fixed in any position using the locking levers attached on both sides. The electric backrest adjustment system restricts rotation to 330°. The optional rotating seating surface allows you to turn the patient 90° to the left or the right without changing the rest of the chair’s configuration.

Flexible adjustability

The headrest can be adjusted at the flick of a handle. The backrest on the ATMOS Chair Professional is continuously adjustable from an approximately 7° forward tilt to a 90° shock position. The backrest and leg rest can also be moved synchronously to a tilted stretcher position. The armrests move in sync with the backrest and can be folded up and down separately. If necessary, you can put the chair in a shock position quickly and safely. Depending on the situation, you can either fold down the foot support by pressing a tab or integrate it smoothly into the chair design.

Electric height adjustment

The chair's height can be adjusted within a range of 30 cm using a foot switch, which can be built in or attached separately. Optionally, the backrest can be adjusted electrically via a switch on the side.


Thanks to its built-in rollers, the chair offers unrestricted mobility. The entire chair can be moved with very little effort — or even pushed out of the examination room if necessary.

Choice of colors

The upholstery material used for our ATMOS Chair products is available in seven standard colors. You can choose between two lines: “Compact” and “Premium.” Our Premium material has a soft feel and is extremely durable, with a wear resistance three times higher than that of conventional materials. The soft synthetic leather guarantees maximum seating comfort.


Technical Data

ATMOS Chair Professional

Art. Nr. 535.5200.0, 535.5300.0, 535.5400.0, 535.5500.0
Seat height

580 mm (Min.)
880 mm (Max.)

Max. lifting capacity

200 kg

Lifting speed

18 mm/s

Backrest inclination

+7 up to 90°


98 kg

The technical data apply to the complete version.


Is the headrest of the ATMOS Chair Comfort identical to the headrest of the ATMOS Chair Professional?

Yes. The two headrests are identical both in appearance and in function.

How does the ATMOS Chair Comfort differ from the ATMOS Chair Professional?

The ATMOS Chair Comfort product line is equipped with a hydraulic height adjustment system that is operated by foot (mechanical). The chairs from the ATMOS Chair Professional product line have an electric height adjustment system. In addition to this main difference, some features in the ATMOS Chair Professional product line cannot be selected in the ATMOS Chair Comfort product line depending on the equipment versions.


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Technical Documentation
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