• ATMOS Emergency Suction Device

    Mobile emergency
    suction device
    for clear airways

ATMOS Emergency Suction Device

A wide range of applications and safe use are guaranteed

The ATMOS Emergency Suction Device quickly ensures clear airways when suctioning the mouth and throat region or for endotracheal suction. The high suction capacity of the electric suction pump and the device’s easy handling ensure that the patient is treated effectively and quickly. In all patient groups from neonates to elderly patients, outpatients with mild injuries to severely injured patients, emergencies can arise suddenly. Besides emergency ventilation, a defibrillator and mobile monitoring, life-saving emergency equipment also includes the emergency suction device — a must on every ward.

Mobile emergency suction devices, ATMOS C 341, ATMOS E 341


  • Hospital / clinic
  • Emergency medicine
  • Intensive care unit
  • Normal ward
  • In-hospital transport
  • In-hospital emergencies
  • Rest homes / nursing homes

High suction capacity for every emergency patient

With an infinitely variable suction range from 0 to −800 mbar and various suction capacities (26 l/min or 34 l/min), the battery-operated suction devices can be used in any emergency situation and meet all requirements.

Optimal usability

  • A clearly arranged control panel shows the vacuum reached via an LED status indicator
  • Automatic function check
  • Storage of the suction hose in the hose holder on the device's side 
  • Robust housing made of shockproof materials
  • Tilt-resistant thanks to its low centre of gravity
  • Easy battery replacement from the outside and without tools

Safe and portable

  • For mounting directly on a wall or a standard rail on an emergency trolley
  • One-handed release button for simple removal of the device from the support
  • The emergency suction device can be used in battery mode for up to 60 minutes

ATMOS E 341 Battery

The ideal device when time and suction capacity are of utmost importance. Fast, safe suction is guaranteed thanks to the preset electronic vacuum values and high suction capacity. No complicated settings, no uncertainty. The device is easy to operate.

ATMOS C 341 Battery

The ideal device when time and suction capacity are of utmost importance. Thanks to the infinitely variable vacuum setting, the suction capacity can be individually adjusted to suit the patient. The infinitely variable vacuum setting allows you to set an exact suction capacity suitable to the situation. Values between −0.05 bar and −0.8 bar can be set. For use on infants, children, and adults.


The ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices (ATMOS C 341 Battery and ATMOS E 341 Battery) can be used with the following secretion canister systems:


ATMOS Disposable Suction System


Reusable canister system (DDS)


Disposable canister system Serres®


Disposable canister system Medi-Vac®


Universal bracket

Technical Data

ATMOS C 341 BatteryATMOS E 341 Battery
Article number318.1300.0, 318.1400.0, 318.1600.0, 318.17000.0319.1000.0, 319.1100.0, 319.1200.0, 319.1300.0
Suction capacity26 l/min34 l/min
Max. vacuum–80 kPa
–800 mbar
–80 kPa
–800 mbar
Operating modeShort-term operation (45 min on. 90 min off)Short-term operation (60 min on. 120 min off)
Voltage100–240 V, 50/60 Hz100–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D)277 x 370 x 146 mm277 x 370 x 146 mm
Weight4.6 kg3.65 kg
Noise level< 60 dB(A)< 60 dB(A)
Battery typeLeadLithium-ion
Battery operation0.75 h1 h
Battery charging time14 h4 h


What is the difference between the two emergency suction devices?

ATMOS C 341 Battery

ATMOS E 341 Battery

Suction capacity

26 l/min

34 l/min


Lead battery

Lithium-ion battery

Battery life

45 min

60 min

Battery charging time


Approx. 4 h


4.6 kg

3.65 kg

Vacuum setting

Individually adjustable

4 levels

How long can I use the devices?

The ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices can be used for 60 minutes (ATMOS E 341 Battery) or 45 minutes (ATMOS C 341 Battery).

Can I secure the ATMOS Emergency Suction Device to my emergency trolley in the hospital or clinic?

Yes. The ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices can be mounted on the standard rail of an emergency trolley using the wall and device support. To remove the device, simply press the one-handed release button.

Is it possible to use the ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices in an ambulance?

No. The ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices are not approved for use in ambulances. The emergency suction devices have not been tested according to DIN EN 1789.

What does 'DDS reusable canister system' mean?

DDS stands for Direct Docking System, which means the reusable secretion canister is connected directly to the emergency suction device. No connection hose is required between the suction device and the secretion canister system. Only the patient suction hose is connected to the reusable secretion canister. It is therefore impossible to make a wrong connection.

Which secretion canister systems can be used with the ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices?

The ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices can be used with the DDS reusable secretion canisters or with the disposable canister systems from Serres® and Medi-Vac®. The universal bracket is suitable for other secretion canisters with a diameter of 11.5 to 12.5 cm.


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Reusable canister system consisting of a secretion canister, canister lid, filter holder including a DDS bacterial and viral filter, and float ball.


One-handed release button for simple removal of ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices from the support. For direct mounting of ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices on a wall or standard rail.


Car connecting cable for ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices, connection 12 V⎓

Hoses that connect the secretion canister with the suction site. Different suction hoses (reprocessable or for single use only) in different sizes and lengths.


A hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter prevents the suction device from becoming contaminated and protects it against bacteria and viruses.


Serres® and Medi-Vac® disposable canister systems can be used with ATMOS Emergency Suction Devices.


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