• ATMOS Equipment rails

    Secure mounting
    for your devices

ATMOS Equipment rails

Flexible and safe

The ATMOS Equipment rails provide you with a flexible solution for the secure mounting of your medical devices and accessories. Our high-quality ATMOS Equipment rails are standardised according to DIN EN ISO 19054 and have a profile of 25 x 10 mm that ensures reliable and standardised mounting. In addition to the standard lengths, we also offer you the option of configuring the ATMOS Equipment rails according to your requirements and wishes. This allows you to mount your medical devices and accessories in the best place to suit your needs and thus make your work processes in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices even more efficient.

High level of hygienic comfort

When designing the ATMOS Equipment rail, great emphasis was placed on a high level of hygienic comfort. The ATMOS Equipment rail is supplied with preinstalled end caps and enclosed round cover caps. The cover caps not only simplify cleaning, but also visually conceal the potential equalisation. The mount for the wall holders is carefully welded to the ATMOS Equipment rail, leaving no sharp edges and thus ensuring easy handling.

Easy assembly

With the user-friendly plug-in system of the ATMOS Equipment rail, assembly and extension of the rail is quick and easy. Our video shows you in detail how to mount the ATMOS Equipment rail step by step. 



  • Equipment rail 25 x 10 mm / 1 m
  • Equipment rail 25 x 10 mm / 2 m
  • Equipment rail 25 x 10 mm / 3 m
  • Equipment rail 25 x 10 mm / 0–1.00 m
  • Equipment rail 25 x 10 mm / 1.01–1.50 m
  • Equipment rail 25 x 10 mm / 1.51–2.00 m

Technical Data

ATMOS Equipment rails


ca. 1.7 kg/m


Stainless steel

Vertical load

max. 100 kg/m


max. 25 Nm

Wall distance

45 mm

Diameter of wall holder with cover cap

64 mm

Cross-sectional area

25 x 10 mm


Are the end caps and cover caps included in the delivery?

The ATMOS Equipment rail is supplied with preinstalled end caps. The round cover caps are included in the scope of delivery and are placed over the wall holders during installation.

Can a potential equalisation cable be connected to the ATMOS Equipment rails?

Thanks to the mounting option integrated in the wall holder and the recess for the potential equalisation cable, it is simple and straightforward to connect the potential equalisation to the wall holder.

Are the ATMOS Equipment rails standardised according to DIN?

The ATMOS Equipment rails are standardised according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 19054 for medical equipment rails, which ensures consistent and reliable functionality as well as interoperability with other medical devices.

Is it also possible to configure equipment rails longer than 2 m?

Thanks to the option of connecting two equipment rails by means of connecting plates, equipment rails with a length of more than 2 m can also be configured variably.


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