• ATMOS i View 21 COLPO / ATMOS i View 31 COLPO

    The colposcope
    for dysplasia
    screenings and
    surgical procedures

ATMOS i View 21 COLPO / ATMOS i View 31 COLPO 

A system for perfection

The ATMOS i View COLPO colposcope sets standards in terms of light intensity, depth of field, and intuitive handling. Its LED lighting, high-resolution optics, and HD camera technology are state-of-the-art. The innovative H.A.S.I. filter method provides unsurpassed contrast enhancement of vessels on the mucosa for the early detection of cervical cancer. The colposcope can be easily integrated into existing practice software via GDT, DICOM, and HL7.

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  • Gynecology
  • Gynecology practice

Innovative optics

  • Large exit pupil makes working fatigue-free
  • Optimum 3D representation due to the large stereo base
  • High optical resolution thanks to color-corrected lenses
  • Patented doubling of the depth of field
  • Five levels of magnification from 4.3- to 17-fold

LED technology

Innovative LED technology enables homogeneous illumination, natural color rendering, automatic white balancing, and low thermal stress on the mucosa. 

Even higher contrasting of vascular changes

The newly developed Hemoglobin Absorption Spectral Imaging (H.A.S.I.) filter is the most innovative filter method that enhances the contrast of vessels to the mucosa. The better contrast allows for better detection of vascular changes and capillary indicators. The H.A.S.I. filter takes two maximum absorption levels into account: the green wavelength range at about 550 nanometers and the blue wavelength range at 450 nanometers.

Documentation software

ATMOS iDocuments GYN is innovative documentation software that allows gynecologists to carry out and document dysplasia screenings more quickly. The software can be easily integrated into existing IT environments. It also offers flexible image recording, a digitized colposcopy report template for documentation, and easy export of examination results via the DICOM or GDT interface.

ATMOS iDocuments GYN

Technical Data

ATMOS i View 21 COLPO / ATMOS i View 31 COLPO

Art. Nr. 605.0000.0, 606.0000.0

f = 200 mm: 1200 klx

Color temperature

5000 K

Stereo base

24 mm


What does H.A.S.I. mean for cervical cancer diagnostics?
H.A.S.I. stands for hemoglobin absorption spectral imaging. With the aid of a special filter attuned to the lighting of the ATMOS i View COLPO, small vessels perfused with blood can be depicted rich in contrast. When tumors grow rapidly, thin, specially shaped vessels are formed to supply the cells with blood, and such vessels are easier to identify using the H.A.S.I. method.
Why is tissue heating caused by LED light negligible?
The LEDs used in the ATMOS i View COLPO emit light only in the range of 400 to 800 nm. In contrast to halogen light, the light source itself contains no infrared radiation, which in conventional colposcopes is laborious to filter out and often not completely successful.
Why doesn’t the magnification changer show the final magnification?

The colposcope’s actual magnification depends on the following parameters:

  • Objective lens (usually 300 mm with a colposcope)
  • Magnification changer setting (0.5 / 0.7 / 1 / 1.4 / 2)
  • Eyepiece lenses (usually 16-fold with a colposcope)

Manufacturers that produce only one type of colposcope label the magnification changer with the actual magnification. In that case, the objective lenses (working distances) and eyepiece lenses are nonreplaceable. With replaceable eyepiece and objective lenses, the changer usually just shows the magnification of the changer itself. In the case of the ATMOS i View COLPO with a 300-mm objective lens (working distance) and 16-fold eyepiece lenses, that means:

Magnification changer






Actual enlargement






The formula used to accurately calculate the actual magnification for different objectives and eyepieces can be found in the instruction manual.

Why do the objective lenses and housing have such a large diameter?
The reason for the slightly larger sizing is the high image quality that the ATMOS i View COLPO should achieve right from the start. Similar to cameras used by professional photographers, this requires larger objective lenses for high optical resolution. The reason for this lies in physics/optics with diffraction phenomena of light. This optical resolution differs from the purely technical resolution of a camera chip. The sometimes very high number of pixels or megapixels only makes sense if each individual pixel also receives individual optical information. If 100 pixels all receive the same information due to diffraction phenomena, it makes no sense to specify the pixel resolution only. Therefore, the device needs the existing lens size, which will also make it possible to display 4K images optically in the future.


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Technical Documentation
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ATMOS i View COLPO on mobile floorstand


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