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ATMOS iStore

Clever modules

Our medical workspace solutions harmonize functional and aesthetic aspects. With the ATMOS iStore modular cabinet system, you can furnish your workspaces individually based on your needs and store a wide variety of tools and supplies. This system focuses on instrument management, which saves considerable time and ensures a hygienic and efficient workflow. Also, quality is always our top priority when selecting cabinet materials. That’s why we work with brand-name products that combine functionality, design, and durability.

Medizinischer Schrank aus Corian

Combination with our
ENT treatment units

By combining the ATMOS iStore cabinets with our ENT treatment units, we offer you a modular product range that adapts to your wishes and financial possibilities.

Unbeatable concept

To minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we have developed an innovative concept for the correct handling of instruments. Clean and unclean instruments are strictly separated, and stringent infection control regulations and standards can be met at all times.


Thanks to Servo-Drive® , drawers are easy to open. Simply tap the drawer with the back of your hand, elbow, foot or knee, and it opens electrically. Easy opening and gentle, quiet closing protect your delicate instruments and endoscopes.

Drawers suited to the application

When equipped with the instrument and/or waste disposal, the cabinet can also be used to dispose of used instruments or other waste. The surface is made of CORIAN® and includes openings for easy disposal.

Compatible with the following products
from Aesculap (B. Braun):

  • Disposal container JK062R (150 mm stainless steel)
  • Lid without opening JK068R
  • Lid with opening JK067R

Individual worktops

The appearance of the worktop can be adapted to the application and your individual needs. In addition to the flat worktop, you also have the option of adding a backsplash or milled groove to it. This prevents liquids from running behind your cabinet system.

Advanced options

If desired, you can configure the cabinet modules for mobile and room-independent use. With the help of practical swivel casters, our ATMOS iStore cabinets can be moved freely so that you can make the best possible use of your space.

For the cabinet exteriors, the color tone and the material of the finished sides can be selected individually. This gives you limitless options when it comes to visual design.

Multitude of design options

Materials with ideal properties.

When selecting cabinet materials, quality is always our top priority. That’s why we work with brand-name products that combine functionality, design, and durability. The materials we use meet the high requirements in the medical field and at the same time create a pleasant atmosphere for your patients and employees.


The material Corian®

CORIAN® is an innovative, durable, and high-quality mineral material. Thanks to its dirt- and bacteria-repellent properties, it is suitable for use in medical technology. The material has a nonporous surface and is especially hygienic. The work surfaces are extremely easy to clean and resistant to stains and chemicals. With our modules in the standard color Glacier White, we offer you a timeless design without compromise.

Find out more about CORIAN®

Design versatility

A rich palette of colors and textures leaves nothing to be desired. Since CORIAN® can be shaped during the production phase, you can choose your own individual design. This makes it possible to create a uniform look, and the cabinet elements appear as one unit. With the decorative panels, we offer you an excellent alternative that likewise fulfills the required properties, even for low-cost concepts.

Decorative panel material

Our decorative panels are durable and hard-wearing. At the same time, they allow for a stylish and appealing design. Cleaning is easy, and you benefit from an inexpensive solution that meets all the requirements in your practice.

Our standard colors for decorative panels

Front decors

Alpine White
(W1100 ST9 NCS S0502/R50B)
Cream White
W911 ST2 NCS S0502/G50Y)
Sand Beige
(U156 Texture 9 NCS 1505/Y50R) 
Cashmere Grey
(U156 Texture 9 NCS 1505/Y50R) 
Light Grey
(U708 ST9 NCS S200/N)
(U732 ST9 – Dust Grey, NCS S5000/N)
Tyrolean Blue
(U504 ST9)
Vicenza Oak
(H3157 ST12
Cascina Pine
(H1401 ST22)
Deep Sea Blue
(U560 ST9)
Lincoln Walnut
(H1714 ST19)
Grey Corbridge Oak
(H3156 ST12)

Worktop decors

Pearl Grey
(U763 ST9)
(U732 ST9)
White Grey
(U775 ST9)


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