• ATMOS i View 21 PRO / ATMOS i View 31 PRO

    The microscope
    for middle ear

ATMOS i View 21 PRO / ATMOS i View 31 PRO

The new dimension of vision

The ATMOS i View PRO microscope sets standards in terms of light intensity, depth of field, and spatial representation. Its LED lighting, high-resolution optics, and HD camera technology are state-of-the-art. The innovative H.A.S.I. filter method provides unsurpassed contrast enhancement of vessels.

ATMOS i View PRO, microscope for middle ear surgery


  • Hospital / clinic
  • ENT practice
  • Outpatient surgery center

Innovative design requiring little space

  • The design, consistently based on LED technology, creates new possibilities: the elimination of external cables and fiber optic light cables makes cleaning a breeze — the light source is integrated in the microscope head.
  • The LED’s high efficiency makes active cooling/ventilation superfluous — the microscope is absolutely noiseless. Since significantly fewer components are needed, the ATMOS i View PRO requires considerably less space than surgical microscopes with comparable properties do.

Innovative optics

  • Large exit pupil makes working fatigue-free
  • Optimum 3D representation due to the large stereo base
  • High optical resolution thanks to color-corrected lenses
  • Patented doubling of the depth of field

LED technology

Innovative LED technology allows for homogeneous illumination, natural color rendering, automatic white balancing, low thermal stress on the mucosa, and new filter options (e.g., H.A.S.I.).


Technical Data

ATMOS i View 21 PRO / ATMOS i View 31 PRO

Art. Nr. 538.9000.0, 539.9000.0

f = 200 mm: 1200 klx

Stereo base

24 mm


Why does the lighting of the ATMOS i View warm up tissue only to such a minor extent?
Comparable surgical microscopes use xenon lamps, the light of which is directed into the microscope head through fiber optic light cables. The ATMOS i View, however, has an LED light source that is integrated directly into the microscope head. Due to this energy-efficient construction, only a fraction of the lighting energy is required. Thermal warming of the tissue being examined is mainly caused by the infrared radiation from xenon and halogen lamps. This portion of radiation is not contained in LED lamps.
Is it easy to replace the light source?
The integrated LED light source has an extremely long service life, equaling that of the other components such as power supply units and other parts (>40,000 h according to the manufacturer). Premature replacement of the light source by the user, as was previously the case with halogen lamps, is not intended or necessary.


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Brochures & Flyers
Brochure ATMOS i View 21 PRO / ATMOS i View 31 PRO 05.07.2021 pdf 1.61 MB en, ru, cn, hu
Technical Documentation
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Microscopes / Mikroskope ATMOS i View 21 / 31 PRO 04.04.2024 pdf 154.44 KB de, en, fr, cn, es, hu
Operating Instructions ATMOS i View 21 PRO / ATMOS i View 31 PRO 30.05.2022 pdf 1.65 MB en, cn, hu
Operating Instructions ATMOS i View PRO 09.05.2022 pdf 5.06 MB en



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