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The ATMOS Group employs over 300 people worldwide. Internationally positioned, it has 15 subsidiaries and representative offices in India and Colombia as well as approximately 70 national agencies. Always keeping the demands and needs of users in mind, we develop application-oriented solutions that are safe and reliable. We supply manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, and doctors worldwide with medical suction systems as well as complete solutions for ENT, gynecology, and swallowing diagnostics.

Medical Suction Systems

Together with our customers in hospitals and the homecare sector, we have been developing medical suction systems for daily use on patients for over 130 years. Prolonging life and supporting medical professionals in their everyday work as best we can are our motivation for further development and innovation. We open up new ways and possibilities for our customers by providing them with safe and easy-to-use products.


We develop our solutions based on the application and together with medical professionals. Intuitive operation, safety, infection control, and efficiency are top priorities. Our solutions are designed to provide the user with the best possible support in managing the daily increasing number of tasks in the ENT environment.


More than 130 years of expertise in the development of medical technology devices, products, and solutions along with the worldwide, close collaboration of our developers with doctors and hospitals: together, they have brought forth solutions in the field of gynecology that set new standards, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer.

Swallowing Diagnostics

Our FEES systems for the diagnosis of dysphagia provide an excellent mobile solution for flexible endoscopy as well as customized software for easy and direct documentation of findings.

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