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No doctor or hospital can do without excellent and, above all, prompt service. The operational availability of all products for our customers’ activities is also an important concern for us. That’s why we work every day to constantly optimize our support and the services related to it. Our support team is always happy to advise you, whether you have questions about handling or operating your device, caring for your products and maintaining their value, or if you need help identifying which accessories or spare parts you require. We are also at your disposal for repairs and maintenance work on your products as well as for complaints or returns.

In addition, we explain to you your obligations as an operator of medical devices and assist you when you need to commission our employees to perform services. At the same time, we provide your employees with the necessary know-how in various training courses, both for handling our products and for carrying out service work. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your contact person.

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To help us answer your questions as quickly and correctly as possible, please try to have the following information ready:

  • Device type (imprint on the housing / type plate)
  • Order number (type plate)
  • Serial number (type plate)
  • Which device function is affected?  
  • Are there any error messages (on the display / acoustic signal)? If yes, which ones?
  • Does this error occur immediately after switching on the device or activating a function, or does it happen only after a certain period of activity?
  • During which actions does this error occur?
  • Does this error always occur or only sporadically?

Perhaps your question has already been answered in the respective operating instructions. That is also where you can find the order numbers for any required accessories.


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