• ATMOS C 11 Systema

    The treatment unit
    for work efficiency

ATMOS C 11 Systema

The little giant

The basic version of the ATMOS C 11 Systema concentrates on the most important elements. Thanks to its intelligent modular system, the treatment unit can be expanded according to your needs. The full version includes all the functions you require for examination and treatment. Its compact design makes the most out of even the smallest spaces.

Treatment Unit ATMOS C 11 Systema, white


  • ENT outpatient department
  • ENT examination room
  • ENT practice

The basic version

The small and inexpensive start

The basic version of the ATMOS C 11 Systema concentrates on the most important functions and still offers everything you need.

Powerful suction and easy secretion management

The ATMOS C 11 Systema has a suction module that equips you optimally for all potential ENT treatments. The autostart function and easy emptying of the secretion canister by means of the ATMOS Direct Docking System make suction even more user-friendly. As an alternative, various disposable canister systems can also be used.

Neat and structured workspace

By keeping instruments directly on the working surface ready for use, all important instruments are within immediate and easy reach. The drawers of the ATMOS C 11 Systema provide plenty of storage space for instruments that are rarely used and/or for consumables. Moreover, various supports and holders are integrated right into the working surface so that everything is close at hand.

High-performance materials

The metal housing not only impresses with its robust construction, but it is also resistant to corrosion. This feature ensures long-lasting durability, even under challenging conditions. In addition, the surfaces of the housing are easy to clean.

 The complete version

Customized to meet your needs and maximize the use of space

The basic version of the ATMOS C 11 Systema can be configured to meet individual needs based on its modular system. This makes it possible to choose among many options.

Enhanced features

By expanding instrument storage up to two levels, you can organize your instruments individually and therefore adapt their order to your needs. Used instruments can be deposited quickly and properly, keeping your working area clean.

Other treatment and diagnostic devices

  • Smart endoscope management
  • Quick mirror heater
  • Compressed air module and sprayer management
  • Headlamp holder with automatic activation
  • Easy microscope mounting
  • Additional LED light source

ATMOS standard colors

The ATMOS C 11 Systema is available in the standard color pure white RAL 9010 (drawers), signal white RAL 9003 (work surface) as well as RAL 7043 traffic gray B (sides and rear panel). On request, we will also be happy to meet your individual color requirements.

Please note that the colors listed here are only for your guidance.

Technical Data

ATMOS C 11 Systema

Art. Nr. 541.0000.0, 542.0000.0

105 kg

Suction capacity

34 l/min.


What is the difference between the ATMOS C 11 Systema (sitting) and the ATMOS C 11 Systema (standing)?
The ATMOS C 11 Systema (sitting) is intended for treatment of patients while the doctor is sitting and therefore has a lower working height. The ATMOS C 11 Systema (standing), on the other hand, is designed for doctors who treat their patients while standing and is therefore taller.


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Brochures & Flyers
Brochure ATMOS 360° diagnostics 05.08.2022 pdf 2.76 MB en, ru, cn, es, hu
Brochure ATMOS C 11 Systema 06.11.2023 pdf 1.82 MB en, ru, cn, es, hu
Technical Documentation
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung ENT treatment unit / HNO-Diagnose- und Behandlungseinheit 27.03.2024 pdf 92.08 KB de, en, fr, cn, es, hu
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Mounting Accessories / Zubehör Gerätepositionierung 30.05.2022 pdf 288.07 KB de, en, fr, cn, es, hu
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Storage Accessories / Zubehör Aufbewahrung 30.05.2022 pdf 238.91 KB de, en, fr, cn, es, hu
Operating Instructions ATMOS C 11 Systema 20.07.2023 pdf 2.60 MB en, cn, es, hu



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