• ATMOS Variotherm plus

    Compact device
    for thermal nystagmus

ATMOS Variotherm plus

Water-based thermal nystagmus stimulation

The ATMOS Variotherm plus is used for thermal nystagmus stimulation using water. Its extremely precise temperature control as well as the exact automatic quantity limitation ensure that the transferred heat energy remains constant for the same stimulus duration.

ATMOS Variotherm plus, Compact device for thermal nystagmus stimulation


  • ENT outpatient department
  • ENT diagnostics room
  • ENT practice
  • Doctor's practice

Accurate results

Precise and reproducible results thanks to preselectable stimulus duration and rinsing temperatures (20 °C to 47 °C)

Two in one

Can also be used in ear irrigation mode at 37 °C and up to 450 ml/min

Technical Data

ATMOS Variotherm plus

Art. Nr. 502.0900.0
Power consumption

max. 1500 W

Water temperature

20–47 °C

Flow rate

450 ml/min


Does a water separation system have to be installed between the water supply and the device?

The ear irrigation system may only be installed by a service technician authorized by ATMOS. Attention is thereby paid to compliance with national standards. In Europe, EN 1717 requires a suitable protective device to protect drinking water. ATMOS offers the water supply system ATMOS Aqua clean for this purpose.

Why does water run continuously through the ear irrigation system?

To heat the water for ear irrigation, a highly sensitive electronic control is necessary that requires a constant flow of water in the water heater. As long as the irrigation handle is removed from its support but not activated, the water in the hose returns to the device and is passed on to the wastewater. This is the only way to ensure the temperature stability that is important for the patient.


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Brochures & Flyers
Brochure ATMOS Variotherm plus 22.03.2021 pdf 245.13 KB en, ru, cn, es, hu
Technical Documentation
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Balance test unit, vestibular stimulation / Kalorische Spüleinheit 27.03.2024 pdf 76.50 KB de, en, fr, cn, es, hu
Operating Instructions ATMOS Variotherm plus 01.12.2022 pdf 694.16 KB en, cn, hu


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ATMOS Aqua clean for stimulation and rinsing devices

For thermal stimulation, Teflon application aid for ear irrigation.

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Splash protection, plexiglass


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