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ATMOS Small Suction Devices

Bronchial suction — quick, safe, easy

These mobile devices are used for suctioning the oral cavity, pharynx, and bronchial system. Clearing the airways of viscous secretion and food residue demands reliable and powerful suction devices. Sturdy, compact, completely reliable, and mobile: ATMOS Bronchial Suction Devices play an important role in providing patients with the best possible care, whatever the situation.

Bronchial Suction Device, ATMOS C 161 Aspirator


  • Hospital / clinic
  • Intensive care unit
  • Normal ward
  • Rest homes / nursing homes
  • Homecare sector

No connecting hose thanks to the ATMOS Direct Docking System (DDS)

The ATMOS DDS secretion canister system eliminates guesswork and errors. The secretion canister is attached directly to the bronchial suction device without any additional hoses.

Safe vacuum adjustment

The easy and infinitely variable vacuum adjustment of the bronchial suction devices in the ATMOS C series allows them to be used flexibly.

Suction capacity suited to every patient

With an infinitely variable suction range of 0 to −800 mbar and various suction capacities (16 l/min, 22 l/min, or 26 l/min), these suction devices can be used for any bronchial suction application and meet all requirements.

Safe for mobile use

The integrated battery enables mobile use for up to 60 minutes. It is always possible to suction the airways while the battery is charging.


The ATMOS Bronchial Suction Devices (ATMOS C 161 Aspirator, ATMOS C 261 Aspirator, and ATMOS C 161 Battery) can be used with the following disposable canister systems:


ATMOS Disposable Suction System







Technische Daten

ATMOS C 161 BatteryATMOS C 161 AspiratorATMOS C 261 Aspirator
Article number313.0400.0, 313.0402.0, 313.0403.0, 313.0465.0313.0000.0, 313.0002.0, 313.0004.0, 313.0065.0313.0100.0, 313.0102.0, 313.0103.0, 313.0165.0
Suction capacity22 l/min16 l/min26 l/min
Max. vacuum–75 kPa
–750 mbar
–80 kPa
–800 mbar
–80 kPa
–800 mbar
Operating modeShort-term operation
(10 min on. 30 min off)
Short-term operation
(5 min on. 20 min off)
Short-term operation
(5 min on. 20 min off)
Voltage230 V, 50/60 Hz230 V, 50/60 Hz230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D)250 x 255 x 180 mm250 x 255 x 180 mm250 x 255 x 180 mm
Weight4.0 kg3 kg3.5 kg
Noise level56 dB(A)50 dB(A)50 dB(A)
Battery typeLithium-ion--
Battery operation1 h--
Battery charging time2.5 h--


How often does the DDS bacterial and viral filter have to be replaced?

The DDS bacterial and viral filter is a single-patient product. That means that the bacterial and viral filter must be replaced when the device is changed to another patient. When the device is being used for the same patient, the DDS bacterial and viral filter has to be replaced every 14 days. Should the filter become contaminated or clogged with secretion, it must be replaced immediately.

How loud are the devices?

People perceive sounds at a sound level of 40 dB to about 65 dB as soft, normal, and comfortable. It becomes loud for us starting at a sound level of about 80 dB. The maximum sound level of 56 dB of these ATMOS Bronchial Suction Devices is comparable to that of normal conversation or a TV at a normal volume level.

How long can I use the devices?

The bronchial suction devices are intended for short term operation, which for mains-dependent devices means 5 minutes on and 20 minutes off. The battery-operated devices can be used for 10 minutes and must then be turned off for 30 minutes.

Is there a carrying bag for these devices?

A carrying bag (REF 313.0011.0) is available for fixating and storing these devices. In addition, you can store accessories and consumables such as the DDS bacterial and viral filter or suction catheters in the bag’s useful storage compartments.

Can the devices be secured to a wheelchair or bed?

Yes. You can secure the devices to standard rails, stands, patient beds, wheelchairs, etc., by using a device support (REF 313.0012.0).

Can the ATMOS C 161 Battery be taken along in a plane with no problems?

The ATMOS C 161 Battery can be taken along on plane trips in checked or carry-on baggage without difficulty. It is possible to operate the device during a flight. Individual instructions from the flight crew and airline-specific regulations must still be followed.


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Brochures & Flyers
Brochure ATMOS Bronchial Suction 22.03.2021 pdf 1.52 MB en, ru, cn, hu
Brochure ATMOS C 161, ATMOS C 261, ATMOS C 161 Battery 07.12.2023 pdf 1.16 MB en, ru, cn, hu
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Technical Documentation
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Accessories Trolley / Zubehör Fahrgestell 31.08.2022 pdf 196.14 KB de, en, fr, cn, es, hu
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Suction unit, tracheal / Absauggerät, tracheal 17.10.2022 pdf 163.49 KB de, en, fr, cn, es, hu
Operating Instructions ATMOS C 161, C 261, C 161 Battery 08.03.2023 pdf 2.88 MB en


The hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter prevents the suction device from becoming contaminated and protects it against bacteria and viruses.


Black shoulder bag with practical storage pockets for consumables.

Support with rotatable holder for attaching the device to a standard rail, infusion stand, patient’s bed, or wheelchair.

The ATMOS Bronchial Suction Devices can be secured to a trolley for mobile use.


Disposable canister systems


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