Treatment unit
    for increased infection
    control requirements


Unbeatable infection control and design versatility

While developing its ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® treatment unit, ATMOS aimed to provide ENT doctors with a solution that easily meets the infection control requirements stipulated in German regulations on preventing infection. To this end, ATMOS relied on a special material called CORIAN®. This exceptionally robust material has a nonporous surface to ensure maximum infection control. Its almost unlimited range of design options makes it perfect for even the most discerning customers.

Treatment unit ATMOS S 61 Corian


  • ENT outpatient department
  • ENT examination room
  • ENT practice

Space concept

Innovative concept for spatial separation

  • No cross-contamination
  • Strict spatial separation of clean and used instruments
  • Compliance with infection control requirements 

The answer to increased
infection control requirements

ATMOS relied on a special material when developing its new treatment units: CORIAN®. The hygienic properties of CORIAN® reduce the risk of cross-contaminations and the spread of germs to a minimum.

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New material

Individual design options

Wide range
of color


ATMOS standard color

When it comes to color design, our treatment units are available straight from the factory in one trendy color: Glacier White.

Would you like something special?

You can also choose from a wide range of special CORIAN® color options, making your ENT treatment unit the perfect match for your practice’s interior design.

Instrument management

Drawers without handles

The innovative Servo-Drive® system allows you to open drawers easily by tapping them gently with your knee, the back of your hand, or your elbow. For you this means:

  • Effective protection of instruments against dust and contamination
  • Low-vibration opening and closing to protect sensitive instruments

Versatility within minimum space

The ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® treatment unit combines all the important treatment modules even in the smallest space. All modules are durable, easy to service and quiet, making your work easy and pleasant. One special highlight of this treatment unit: all functions start automatically when the handles are removed from their holders.

Basis element

Medication sprayer

The one-handed operation prevents cross-contamination and makes it easy to change sprayers. The medication sprayers are available in the following versions:

  • Medication sprayer with straight sprayer nozzle
  • Medication sprayer with extendible nozzle
  • Powder sprayer

Automatic activation

All functions of the ENT treatment unit start automatically when the handles are removed from their holders and can be operated with one hand. The most important treatment modules are combined in a compact space. 


Hose rinsing system

The easily accessible rinsing canister prevents the suction system from becoming clogged.
For uninterrupted work, the canister is available with an optional automatic filling feature.


Ear irrigation system

All water-bearing parts are autoclavable and therefore particularly easy to reprocess. A distinction can be made between the following options: 

  • Self-contained ear irrigation with compressed air (500 ml per irrigation)
  • Uninterrupted ear irrigation with water connection (Hygrotherm 37 °C or Variotherm (nystagmus stimulation) 20–44 °C)

Suction systems

The suction systems can be divided into two suction capacity classes:

  • Basic (40 l/min)
  • Professional (55 l/min.), extremely quiet

Secretion canister system

The automatic canister emptying feature ensures uninterrupted work. The ATMOS Direct Docking System makes it easy to change secretion canisters — error-free. The secretion canister system is easily accessible from the front in the service compartment. 


Disposable canister systems

It is possible to use disposable secretion hoses and canisters from other manufacturers:

  • Serres®
  • Receptal®
  • other manufacturers on request

Quick mirror heater

To prevent the mirrors from fogging up, they can be preheated to body temperature.

Technical Data


Art. Nr. 530.0300.0, 532.0800.0

300 kg

Suction capacity

55 l/min.


2 bar

The technical data apply to the complete version.


What are the dimensions of the ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® integral?

Height: 790 mm

Width: 1140 mm

Depth with the ATMOS LED Light Cube: 530 mm

Depth without the ATMOS LED Light Cube: 500 mm

What are the inside dimensions of the wide drawers of the ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® integral?

Width: 704 mm

Depth: 370 mm

How many instrument trays fit in a wide drawer of the ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® integral?

Ten small instrument trays (stainless steel, REF 508.0058.2) fit into one wide drawer. Alternatively, eight small instrument trays can be replaced by four large ones (stainless steel, REF 505.0516.2). Two small instrument trays correspond to the dimensions of one large one.

Can I install the MEDAP FUMOVAC in the ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® integral?

No, the MEDAP FUMOVAC cannot be installed in the ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® integral. The surgical smoke evacuation system must be installed in such a way that the inlet and outlet vents on the underside of the system are not blocked. Failure to properly install the surgical smoke evacuation system may result in reduced performance, damage, and/or inoperability of the surgical smoke evacuation system and may void the warranty.

Can I install a radiosurgical device in the ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® integral?

Yes, a radiosurgical device can be installed. We recommend the ATMOS RS 221 (REF 506.5900.0).

Can I order the ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® integral without the Servo-Drive® function?

No, Servo-Drive® makes opening the drawer more convenient. Compared to conventional drawer handles, cross-contamination and the spread of germs are reduced to a minimum. Compared to push-to-open solutions, instruments and other contents are protected from excessive vibration caused by opening and closing the drawer.

How can I clean the CORIAN® surface?

For more detailed information, please refer to the operating instructions.

Are different suction capacities available for performing suction?

Yes, a pump with a suction capacity of 40 l/min and a pump with 55 l/min are available.

Which pump is quieter (40 vs. 55 l/min)?

The pump with a suction capacity of 55 l/min has a lower volume level.

What disposable canister systems can I use for suction?

The following disposable canister systems can be used: Receptal® and Serres®.

Is the ear irrigation system connected directly to the water supply?

There are two different ear irrigation systems. One is connected directly to the water supply in the practice/clinic/hospital. The second system works with bottles that can be filled with water and that allow the ear to be irrigated using compressed air.

How can I empty the secretion canister in the case of a reusable canister system?

You can choose to empty the secretion canisters either manually or automatically.

How many bars are used in compressed air applications?

Such applications use 2 bar.


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Operating Instructions ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® Instruments Integral 21.06.2023 pdf 1.92 MB en


Corian® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliated companies.


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