• ATMOS S 61 Servant

    The treatment unit
    for flexibility and

ATMOS S 61 Servant

Modular design for greater organizational freedom of your workflow

Every ENT practice is different. The ATMOS S 61 Servant with its modular design concept makes it the right solution for any layout — including yours. Configure the treatment unit to suit your individual requirements, space, and processes — and enjoy the improved ergonomics, too.

Treatment unit ATMOS S 61 Servant


  • ENT outpatient department
  • ENT examination room
  • ENT practice

Rinsing, suction, spraying — the ENT treatment unit

Cut your walking distances and enjoy a more convenient way of working. The function column combines all the important treatment modules in a compact space:

  • Medication sprayer
  • Hose rinsing system
  • Ear irrigation system
  • Suction system
  • Secretion canister system (reusable or disposable canister system)

All functions are durable, low-maintenance and quiet, making your work easy and enjoyable. All the functions start up automatically when you remove the handles from their holders.

Greater organizational freedom ­— sophisticated instrument management

Optimize your workflow. The ATMOS S 61 Servant allows you to adapt the cabinets to suit your individual work habits.

The latest technology for maximum performance — the light modules

Our light sources offer a whole range of benefits for both you and your patients. For example, our LED light modules are passively cooled by a sophisticated ventilation system, are completely noiseless, and do not stir up any dust. Thanks to the optimized light connection system, the endoscope and tissue never heat up, even when the unit is running at high power.

Top-class imaging diagnostics — the visualization systems

Endoscopy and visualization make ENT diagnostics more efficient and help patients to understand their diagnoses. You, too, can benefit from our imaging diagnostics solutions. Our devices come with a range of connection options for easy integration. Our ATMOS Capture Suite visualization and archiving software allows for additional process optimization.

Comprehensive solutions that work hand in hand — the diagnostic devices

Optimize your workflow for routine examinations and cut your patients’ waiting times with our ENT diagnostics package. It contains all the diagnostic equipment you need for rhinomanometry, sonography, tympanometry, and caloric stimulation. This package makes quick measurements possible directly at the treatment unit.

Technical Data

ATMOS S 61 Servant

Art. Nr. 530.0000.0, 531.0000.0,532.2100.0, 532.0500.0, 532.0400.0
Suction capacity

55 l/min


2 bar

The technical data apply to the complete version.


Are different suction capacities available for performing suction?

Yes, a pump with a suction capacity of 40 l/min and a pump with 55 l/min are available.

Which pump is quieter (40 vs. 55 l/min)?

The pump with a suction capacity of 55 l/min has a lower volume level.

Which disposable canister systems can I use for suction?

The following disposable canister systems can be used: Medi-Vac® and Serres®.

Is the ear irrigation system connected directly to the water supply?

There are two different ear irrigation systems. One is connected directly to the water supply in the practice/hospital/clinic. The second system works with bottles that can be filled with water and that allow the ear to be irrigated using compressed air.

How can I empty the secretion canister in the case of a reusable canister system?

You can choose to empty the secretion canisters either manually or automatically.

How many bars are used in compressed air applications?

Such applications use 2 bar.

Can the endoscopes be reprocessed directly at the treatment unit?

Yes, our endoscope quiver makes it possible to clean the endoscope directly at the treatment unit. ATTENTION: In Germany, reprocessing at the treatment unit is viewed critically and is prohibited by current directives. Therefore, we only recommend storing the clean endoscopes at the treatment unit.


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Brochures & Flyers
Brochure ATMOS 360° diagnostics 22.03.2021 pdf 2.71 MB en, ru, cn, es, hu
Brochure ATMOS S 61 Servant / ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® 22.03.2021 pdf 4.24 MB en, ru, cn, es, hu
Technical Documentation
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Ear/Nose/Throat Treatment Units / HNO-Behandlungseinheit 22.03.2021 pdf 111.16 KB de, en, fr, ru, cn, es, hu
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung ENT treatment unit / HNO-Diagnose- und Behandlungseinheit 22.03.2021 pdf 121.65 KB de, en, fr, ru, cn, es, hu
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Mounting Accessories / Zubehör Gerätepositionierung 07.09.2021 pdf 259.88 KB de, en, fr, ru, cn, es, hu
Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung Storage Accessories / Zubehör Aufbewahrung 07.09.2021 pdf 233.56 KB de, en, fr, ru, cn, es, hu
Operating Instructions ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation 22.03.2021 pdf 2.15 MB en, ru, cn, hu
Operating Instructions ATMOS S 61 Servant instruments 17.09.2020 pdf 1.06 MB en
Operating Instructions ATMOS S 61 Servant Vision 03.09.2020 pdf 1.37 MB en



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