• ATMOS Capture Suite

    Software module for
    visualization and

ATMOS Capture Suite

Visualization and documentation of visual diagnostic results

The ATMOS Capture Suite is the central software module for recording, saving, and displaying medical images and videos. This module was developed as a fully integrated solution consisting of hardware and software components that work in perfect harmony. The user interface is optimized for touch screens. When used together with the ATMOS Bridge, the ATMOS Capture Suite becomes network-compatible and can be integrated seamlessly into any existing environment.

PC with Software ATMOS Capture Suite


  • ENT outpatient department
  • ENT diagnostics room
  • ENT examination room
  • ENT practice
  • Gynecology practice
  • Doctor's practice

Intelligent camera management

The software switches automatically to the right camera.

Centralized database

Patient files can be created, and images, diagnostic results, and much more can be stored in a single and secure location. Documents can be shared with authorized users within the local network.

Report templates

These handy tools can help save time when writing reports with standard results. 

Multiple workstations

It is possible to view earlier recordings — also from other ATMOS workstations.

ATMOS Bridge

  • Connection to the HIS or PACS is possible anytime by expanding the system to include the ATMOS Bridge.
  • Several ATMOS Capture Suite installations within a network can communicate with a HIS or PACS through just one ATMOS Bridge.

ATMOS 360° diagnostics

ATMOS 360° diagnostics is an expandable modular system comprising interconnecting modules and devices as well as the corresponding operating software. Our solution covers the areas of diagnostics, visualization, and patient management and can be easily integrated into existing structures — for a fast, reliable, and efficient ENT diagnosis.


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Technical Documentation
Operating Instructions ATMOS Capture Suite 22.03.2021 pdf 1.74 MB en, cn, es, hu
ATMOS 360° install.zip 27.02.2024 zip 430.55 MB de, en, fr, ru, cn, es, hu



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