• ATMOS RS 221

    surgery for
    ENT medicine


The cold cut

Bipolar high-frequency technology has been used for many years in ENT medicine to close blood vessels safely. The development of new device features provides new treatment options as a result of the precise cutting function and individual adjustment of the degree of coagulation. Optimized electrodes facilitate handling and minimize tissue stress.

ATMOS RS 221, Radiofrequency surgery


  • ENT outpatient department
  • General medicine
  • Emergency medicine
  • ENT practice

Three different modes

  • Mono Cut — for fine incisions (tissue-preserving)
  • Mono Coag — for hemostasis with ball electrodes
  • Bipol Coag — for controlled tissue dehydration
    (e.g. nasal conchae and soft palate)

Broad spectrum of applications

Universal usability with suitable electrodes for various applications in ENT medicine

Wide range of electrodes

The appropriate product can be selected to suit the planned application. Photo: Range of electrodes

Technical Data


Art. Nr. 506.5900.0
Dimensions (H x W x D)

133 x 284 x 220 mm

Frequency range

2.2 MHz


Can the electrodes and handles be reprocessed or reused?

Most electrodes suitable for the ATMOS RS 221 are reusable (usually 70 times). For exact information on reprocessing methods and frequency, please refer to the operating instructions included with the device.

Why is the high radio frequency of 2.2 MHz used?

The reasons for this lie in physics. The higher the frequency of the electric field and the thinner or more pointed the electrodes, the more concentrated and the more localized the energy can be used to cut cells. The adjacent tissue is not necrotized by heat.


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