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ATMOS iDocuments GYN

One-for-all solution for gynecology

ATMOS iDocuments GYN is innovative documentation software that was developed by ATMOS MedizinTechnik in close cooperation with leading experts. Thanks to several special technical features, ATMOS iDocuments GYN allows gynecologists to carry out and document dysplasia screenings more quickly and conveniently. The software can be easily integrated into existing IT environments and provides both gynecologists and IT specialists decisive advantages in their daily work.


  • Gynecology
  • Gynecology practice

Optimized workflow

With ATMOS iDocuments GYN, all topics relevant to examinations and documentation are bundled on one platform. During examinations, gynecologists can therefore devote their fullest attention to their patients while receiving ideal support from ATMOS iDocuments GYN in every phase of the examination.

Flexible image recording

During the examination, recordings can be made using the control panel buttons on the ATMOS i View COLPO, a foot switch, or the software. After subsequent preview in the software or on additional end devices (e.g., tablet, laptop, all-in-one PC), the recordings can be edited or deleted individually.

Intuitive operation

To ensure that nothing is overlooked when creating reports, the software guides gynecologists safely and efficiently through the documentation process via buttons that are easy to recognize and understand. Learning success comes quickly, so even when creating the second report, the doctor already knows exactly which steps must still be taken and what support and options the software offers him or her.

Digitized colposcopy report template

A highlight in the new ATMOS iDocuments GYN software is the completely digitized colposcopy report template, which is based on the nomenclature for colposcopy adopted in Rio de Janeiro in 2011. The colposcopy report template contains everything gynecologists need to document colposcopic findings. The individual fields can be either activated or deactivated simply by clicking on them. SCJ values or the percentage of the cervix can be entered quickly and easily in digital form with ATMOS iDocuments GYN.

Flexible export

Exporting the examination results is just a click away. The results are then exported as a PDF file either via the DICOM or GDT interface or via an external data carrier to the connected information system and archived there.

Simple integration

The ATMOS iDocuments GYN software was designed so that it can be quickly integrated into the existing practice or hospital network by the IT technician in charge and managed afterwards with little effort.

Two products that complement each other perfectly

With ATMOS i View COLPO, ATMOS MedizinTechnik offers gynecologists a technically superior colposcope that sets new standards in terms of usability and image quality and, in combination with ATMOS iDocuments GYN, ensures optimal examination results.


Technical Data

ATMOS iDocuments GYN



Power supply unit

90–260 V / 12 V / internal 60 W


2x 10/100/1000 Mbit with connector (not decoupled)

Compliance with standards

IEC 60601-1:2012 (Ed 3.1),
IEC 60601-1-2:2014 (Ed. 4)


How can I access ATMOS iDocuments GYN?
The ATMOS iDocuments GYN software can be accessed and operated easily and conveniently via the browser interface. It works on all PCs and tablets with a Windows, macOS, or Android operating system.
How long is data stored in the software?
The data retention periods can be set individually by the administrator.
Can images be exported without creating a report?
Yes, images can also be exported without creating a report. It is also possible to deactivate the reporting mode so that ATMOS iDocuments GYN is only used for transferring images.


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