System solution
    for swallowing


Mobile swallowing diagnostics

As a cart system, the ATMOS FEES Cart is particularly suitable for users who perform swallowing diagnostics in a ward or practice environment. The chip-on-tip endoscope is stored in a quiver attached to the side. Thanks to the all-in-one, large-screen PC, users can view live images or analyze stored videos and prepare reports. The cart offers storage space and shelves as well as standard rails for accommodating additional equipment (e.g., ATMOS Suction Devices). If required, videos and findings can be transferred to the practice or hospital information system.


  • Clínica
  • Consulta ambulatoria de otorrinolaringología
  • Sala de tratamiento ORL
  • Neurología
  • Geriatría
  • Neumología
  • Consultas ORL
  • Residencias de adultos mayores y/o personas de la tercera edad
  • Logopedia

Chip-on-tip technology

With fiber endoscopes, the resolution of the endoscopic image is limited by the number of image fibers within the insertion tube. By installing the image sensor directly on the tip of the endoscope, a much higher resolution and thus better image quality can be achieved.

Documentation software

The corresponding ATMOS Capture Suite software saves videos or snapshots at the push of a button located on the endoscope and stores them in the active patient file. Videos can be loaded and analyzed frame by frame. With the help of the ATMOS FEES Reporting Tool, Word reports, which can also contain images taken from the recorded videos, can be prepared quickly and individually using selection fields.

All-in-one PC

The all-in-one PC displays the endoscopic image and saves the examination videos. Pull-out shelves accommodate the keyboard and mouse for easy operation.

ATMOS 360° diagnostics

ATMOS 360° diagnostics is an expandable modular system comprising interconnecting modules and devices as well as the corresponding operating software. Our solution covers the areas of diagnostics, visualization, and patient management and can be easily integrated into existing structures — for a fast, reliable, and efficient ENT diagnosis.

Datos técnicos


Art. Nr. 950.0300.0, 950.0330.0

3,9 mm

Longitud de trabajo

300 mm

Ángulo de visión



800 x 800 píxels

Tecnología de sensores


Ángulo de angulación


Profundidad de campo

6–60 mm


USB 3.0


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